random obsessions: mugs

{random obsessions}

i have a SERIOUS love for mugs. random, colorful & sometimes even strange. the awesome thing is that the thrift stores never have a shortage of them, thus keeping them quite affordable. i find myself drawn to the mug section like it's a treasure hunt to find another unique piece for my collection.

each morning it's always fun to see which one my husband picked for his tea. i know i pick mine based on mood & i've often wondered if he does too...or does he just grab the first one he sees?

etsy is also a VERY GOOD place to find unique vintage mugs. here is one i find particularly intriguing:

{ Vintage Policeman Mug - available HERE by JessJamesJake }

hope you enjoyed visiting my mug cupboard. i had fun sharing them with you!

:) rebecca
so...what are your {random obsessions}?