my LOOKS: chucks & flowers

here we have today's church outfit. - i must admit that the chucks (shoes) were a little bit much even for me at first...but once i warmed up to them, i LOVED! & actually think it's the shoes that MADE the outfit!

i got this SWEET # while i was pregnant, thus i've been DYING to wear it! it's just a simple vintage polyester polo (i think it's a boys) that i picked up thrifting, but MAN i love it. the fit, the color, the lapel....WOW, what a keeper!

the cherry blossom print & stunning red color is what captured my attention when i stumbled upon this thrifted beauty. the elastic waistline fits nicely on my post-partum body & i am totally into the just-below-the-knee length this summer.
these vintage sunglasses had my name written ALL over them. & with a little adjustments & new lenses, they make the perfect summer pair!

i was on the lookout for a pair of hi-top chucks earlier this year & picked these bad boys up at TRAFFIC for a fraction of the cost of Converse. i haven't got much wear out of them yet, but i know they will be near the top of my go-to list this winter.

unfortunately, these items are mine & i'm not giving them up.....but be sure to stop by my shop for many more great vintage items that ARE available!

:) rebecca