random obsessions: bowling shoes

yesterday we took the boys bowling & i was reminded of how much i LOVE bowling shoes! i had picked up this pair (lower left) last year & i knew they would come in handy someday (although i have been seen wearing them outside the bowling alley). - the bowling alley had the CUTEST kid shoes though...i WISH i could find regular shoes that cute for the boys!

here are a few of my FAVES from the 'Bowling Shoes' category on ETSY:
{ top LEFT - available HERE from godo }
{ top RIGHT - available HERE from adVintagous }
{ bottom LEFT - available HERE from TaileyVintage }
{ bottom RIGHT - available HERE from HeathersTreasureBox }

to see more of our bowling adventure, visit our family blog: theBLUNTtribe.


my LOOKs: green pencil, polkadots + a NEW "do"

today i wore a SUPER fun outfit (in my opinion)! it is a LOOK that really screams the styles i love. i seriously wish i could dress like this more often, it just isn't practical though for a crazy mother of 4 rowdy boys. it does make me appreciate more, the times that i DO 'dress up' & makes me plan those outfits with a bit more thought.

green is my FAVORITE color, so this thrifted pencil skirt was an instant winner in my eyes! although, i have never been a 'high-waisted loving' girl...in fact i seemed to be more of a 'hater' of the high waist. but as of late i am starting to LOVE the look (especially the way it hides the leftover baby belly!).

i picked up this off-white knitted blouse from TJ-Maxx last fall, but didn't get much use of it due to my increasingly growing belly this time last year. i am LOVING it now though, especially
the pleated neckline.

these lace-up beauties were one of those 'MUST HAVES' that rarely seem to cross my path! last year while shopping for shoes for my husband at RackRoom, i spotted these & it only took a few seconds of begging to convince him i NEEDED them (a nice perk of rarely 'MUST HAVING').

this is my favorite of the necktie-bow's that i have made so far (available in my shop). i said that green is my FAVE color...well, BROWN comes in at a close 2nd. & the polka-dots just take it to seriously amazing next level!

yes, i did get a haircut (sorry Rach...i just HAD to!). i have been trying to grow out my hair for 4 years, only to discover that i don't like long hair on me. after looking over pictures of our past 9 years together, rich and i BOTH decided that we like short hair on me WAAAAAAAY better. so WHY was i keeping it long anymore!?!? - yesterday while at my mom's house i told her if she didn't cut it for me, than i would! so she, knowing my threat to be a serious one, went against her 'long hair is best' philosophy & cut it for me!!! i LOVE having her cut it because i can tell her EXACTLY what to do & she LISTENS! i realized that she has been cutting our (her children) hair for over 30 years & she know what i like...so WHY did i ever go to someone else for a haircut??? - needless to say, we LOVE it!!! & as soon as i see mom again, i'm gonna have her go a little shorter!

hope you enjoyed my outfit...& hope that you had a GREAT weekend!

:) rebecca


giveaway: winner

& the winner of the 3.in.1 necktie-bow GIVEAWAY is...

{ randomly picked by random.org }

*thanks to ALL of you that entered the giveaway!!! see more 3.in.1 necktie-bows HERE!


giveaway: 3 in 1 necktie-bow

this GIVEAWAY has ended...
in effort to promote the newest product in the LOOKs shop...I am hosting this GIVEAWAY! - these HIGHLY versatile bows are handmade [by me] from vintage neckties. - they are the perfect item to spice up your outfit [or hair]. also, they are an upcycled item, making them super ECO-FRIENDLY! - the LOOKs necktie-bows can be worn 3 different ways:

1. brooch [pin included on back]
2. headband accessory [slide your favorite headband through the back]
3. necklace pendant [slide your favorite necklace through the back]


there are a few ways to enter, you will get an entry for each way you participate...so the more you do the better chance of winning!

to enter:
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*please leave a separate comment below letting me know each way you have entered & be sure to leave an email address so that i can contact you if you are the WINNER!

the winner will be announced on friday, september 17th. i hope you enjoyed this feature/giveaway...GOOD LUCK!

:) rebecca

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giveaway: winner

& the winner of the Glamourpuss Creations GIVEAWAY is...
{ randomly picked by random.org }

she is the winner of this BEAUTIFUL Divine Daggers Vintage Earrings!

*thanks to ALL of you that entered the giveaway & a HUGE thank you to Lisa from Glamourpuss.Etsy.com for this making such BEAUTIFUL jewelry!!! be sure to check back tomorrow for another AWESOME giveaway...


random obsessions: the harmonica

when i was a little girl i absolutely LOVED when my dad would pull out his harmonica! & it was even BETTER when he would put on that "neck thing" & play it while playing the banjo or guitar (i prefer the banjo). he would even bring it along on our many roadtrips across the USA>Mexico>Canada. it really is the PERFECT in-car instrument, especially if you have one of those "neck things" (which i need to get). - anyways...about a year ago i picked up a SWEET little vintage (brand-new-in-package) harmonica on Etsy & have been annoying my family ever since, yes even in the minivan! i am nowhere near as good as dad yet...but maybe someday i'll be good enough to challenge him to a "harmonica duel". - below is my attempt at playing...i dedicate this to my 13 year old sister: Susanna!

please excuse the CHEESY smile at the end...heehee!

{ Vintage Hohner International Harmonica - purchased from MamaBearsVintage }

hoped you enjoyed this random obsession....why not try YOUR mouth at a harmonica!

:) rebecca


home: fall decor

today i climbed up into the attic & busted out the fall decor! & i must say, that it goes quite well with the smell of the SWEET CINNAMON PUMPKIN wallflowers that i got last week from Bath & Body Works. - last year i made the yarn wreath...& i've been WAITING all year to be able to put it up again! new to the fall-family is our little vintage "Squirrel Friend"...although, i haven't decided what to put inside him yet. - what will REALLY make it feel like fall though, is when it's cool enough to have a fire out back in the firepit, while listening to Coldplay. that is our FAVE fall activity!

:) rebecca