sneak peek: the NECKTIE bow

as promised...here is my new & exciting vintage/upcycled/handmade product: "the NECKTIE bow"! made from vintage neckties, these bows have 3 functions: brooch, necklace pendant & headband accessory. - they will be available in the LOOKs shop later this week...i'll be sure & keep you posted!


giveaway: winner

& the winner of the Botanical Bird GIVEAWAY is...

{ randomly picked by random.org }

she is the winner of this BEAUTIFUL Red Tulip Book Locket Necklace!

*thanks to ALL of you that entered the giveaway & a HUGE thank you to Cyd from BotanicalBird.Etsy.com for this making such BEAUTIFUL jewelry!!! be sure to check back next week for another AWESOME giveaway...


random obsessions: forts

{ random obsessions }

seriously, who doesn't LOVE forts...right? i can remember times as a little girl when my dad would makes these HUGE forts for my 6 siblings and i, he would use anything and everything that resembled a blanket...& boy were they amazing! this one time he made a maze-like fort that had two stories & took over the ENTIRE living room! i think mom was gone to the store during the building of that one because it was quite a serious undertaking to clean up if i recall correctly! - today my boys made this SUPER FUN fort in their room...they each have their own "inner-fort" within the fort. it is quite detailed, i think it even has a bathroom (ummm...scary!). - times like this are one of the reasons i LOVE having little kids...it just makes me feel like a kid again!

.my sweet little eddie.

here is a AWESOME { tipee fort } i found on etsy...
{ Your First Tipee - available HERE by EarthWhirled }

so whether you are 4 or 40, why not go home a make a fort tonight...you KNOW you WANT to!

:) rebecca


giveaway: Botanical Bird

*this GIVEAWAY has ended...

i am SUPER excited about this GIVEAWAY! - i first met Cyd on etsy a couple years back & was instantly in LOVE with her jewelry. then my LOVE grew even bigger when i won her Blue Rose Locket Necklace through a blog giveaway! & let me tell you...i get MORE comments on that locket than any other piece of jewelry i wear. i LOVE telling people where i got it & spreading the ETSY-LOVE! - below are a few FUN facts about Cyd and her AWESOME shop...

tell us a bit about yourself...what do you want us to know about YOU?
I am a huge animal and nature lover. My favorite place on the planet is lake Quinalt, located in the rain forest in Washington state. I've spent several summers working on a fishing boat in Alaska, where I also lived for 6 years. I have also lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I spent much of my time painting with watercolors. I adore estate sales, and hunting for unique vintage and antique items. I play guitar, though I fantasize about playing the violin, maybe someday.

what is your most treasured vintage belonging & why?
A sweet little music box, that plays "Raindrops keep falling on my head", my Grandmother gave it to me when I was a small child, so it's very dear to me.

what is the one item in your wardrobe that you find yourself reaching for most & that you couldn't live without?
This one is kind of funny, living in Portland, OR, I would have to say my rain parka, at least for much of the year.

what is your idea of a 'perfect day'?
Being able to spend time outdoors, taking a day trip to the Oregon coast, walking the beach and stopping to have some fresh seafood.

what is your favorite item in your shop & why?
I don't know that I have a favorite, but I'm fond of the Sky Blue Flower Necklace, because it looks great on!

there are a few ways to enter, you will get an entry for each way you participate...so the more you do the better chance of winning!

to enter:
● follow my blog (on the right sidebar), if you already do, GREAT!
● visit Botanical Bird's shop & let us know which item is you FAVE
● tweet about this GIVEAWAY
● blog about this GIVEAWAY

*leave a comment below letting me know each way you have entered & be sure to leave an email address so that i can contact you if you are the WINNER! the winner will be announced on friday, august 27th.

i hope you enjoyed this feature/giveaway & i KNOW you will enjoy browsing Botanical Bird's shop...GOOD LUCK!

:) rebecca


random obsessions: mugs

{random obsessions}

i have a SERIOUS love for mugs. random, colorful & sometimes even strange. the awesome thing is that the thrift stores never have a shortage of them, thus keeping them quite affordable. i find myself drawn to the mug section like it's a treasure hunt to find another unique piece for my collection.

each morning it's always fun to see which one my husband picked for his tea. i know i pick mine based on mood & i've often wondered if he does too...or does he just grab the first one he sees?

etsy is also a VERY GOOD place to find unique vintage mugs. here is one i find particularly intriguing:

{ Vintage Policeman Mug - available HERE by JessJamesJake }

hope you enjoyed visiting my mug cupboard. i had fun sharing them with you!

:) rebecca
so...what are your {random obsessions}?


home: mini-tour

we are on a much needed visit with my parents today. so i thought i'd give you all a mini-tour of our home while we're away. - you'll see that i've got a SICK love for citrus colors & the rustic feel!

{obviously taken before the new china cabinet}

hope you enjoyed the mini-tour..........happy MONDAY!

:) rebecca


my LOOKS: chucks & flowers

here we have today's church outfit. - i must admit that the chucks (shoes) were a little bit much even for me at first...but once i warmed up to them, i LOVED! & actually think it's the shoes that MADE the outfit!

i got this SWEET # while i was pregnant, thus i've been DYING to wear it! it's just a simple vintage polyester polo (i think it's a boys) that i picked up thrifting, but MAN i love it. the fit, the color, the lapel....WOW, what a keeper!

the cherry blossom print & stunning red color is what captured my attention when i stumbled upon this thrifted beauty. the elastic waistline fits nicely on my post-partum body & i am totally into the just-below-the-knee length this summer.
these vintage sunglasses had my name written ALL over them. & with a little adjustments & new lenses, they make the perfect summer pair!

i was on the lookout for a pair of hi-top chucks earlier this year & picked these bad boys up at TRAFFIC for a fraction of the cost of Converse. i haven't got much wear out of them yet, but i know they will be near the top of my go-to list this winter.

unfortunately, these items are mine & i'm not giving them up.....but be sure to stop by my shop for many more great vintage items that ARE available!

:) rebecca


random obsessions: freckles

{ random obsessions }

there are certain things in life that i gravitate toward being obsessed with...& FRECKLES are definitely near the top of that list. lucky for me, 3 out of my 4 boys so far have got some SWEET spots! & being only 6 weeks, the jury is still out on the baby...but i think he's got a good chance.

because they know i love them so much, my boys are quite proud of their freckles....in fact they look for opportunities to show off their 'special spots'. - jj (5) has got some SWEET ones on his right heel, he calls it his 'freckle foot'; eddie (3) has got the cutest 1 under his bottom lip & harry (7) swears the 2 on his finger make it look like a StarWars Battle Droid!

here is an ADORABLE {freckle item} i found using the 'vintage search' on etsy:

{ Vintage Children's Dish Set - available HERE }

needless to say i think freckles are the cat's MEOW! & if it were up to me, i would've been born a red-headed girl COVERED in freckles....SO beautiful!

:) rebecca

so...what are your {random obsessions}?

{shop LOOKs here}


my LOOKs: paisley, lace & gold

in effort to share a bit about me, i am starting a post-line of {my LOOKs}. my everyday outfits, including those vintage pieces that are so dear to my heart that i will never part with. + we might even get a sneak peek at some of my much treasured, vintage home decor along the way as well.

this gold 'frame' necklace is a true gem! from the moment i spotted it under the glass counter at my {frequently visited} salvation army, i knew we were destined to be together. ironically, until i met this dear piece i was not much of a 'gold lover'...but one look at this beauty & gold was my new silver!

i picked up this lace under-tank last week at Charlotte Russe & let me just say what a GREAT purchase that was. being a long waisted girl i am always having to wear under-tanks & this one gives me the feminine touch i've longed for when reaching in my tank drawer.

this paisley printed skirt caught my eye on the thrift store 'skirt rack' a few weeks back. with a bit of hem-snipping it is a fun addition to my summer skirt collection. i love the pleated gathering look on the front.

what a HAPPY DAY it was when these simple-lace ankle boots became mine. i'm sure they had been passed up by many prior thrifters, but to me they were vintage shoes made-to-order & a LOVELY new member in my shoe family.

my husband bought this straw fedora for me at TjMaxx earlier this summer & i just can't seem to get enough of it. in fact, i wear it so often that i'm not sure it will make it to see next summer.

there you have it. the first of {my LOOKs}.
i had fun sharing my treasures & i hope you enjoyed them too!

:) rebecca

do you like my new {thrifted} china cabinet??? i just got it on tuesday & i can't WAIT to fill it with vintage goodies.