random obsessions: freckles

{ random obsessions }

there are certain things in life that i gravitate toward being obsessed with...& FRECKLES are definitely near the top of that list. lucky for me, 3 out of my 4 boys so far have got some SWEET spots! & being only 6 weeks, the jury is still out on the baby...but i think he's got a good chance.

because they know i love them so much, my boys are quite proud of their freckles....in fact they look for opportunities to show off their 'special spots'. - jj (5) has got some SWEET ones on his right heel, he calls it his 'freckle foot'; eddie (3) has got the cutest 1 under his bottom lip & harry (7) swears the 2 on his finger make it look like a StarWars Battle Droid!

here is an ADORABLE {freckle item} i found using the 'vintage search' on etsy:

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needless to say i think freckles are the cat's MEOW! & if it were up to me, i would've been born a red-headed girl COVERED in freckles....SO beautiful!

:) rebecca

so...what are your {random obsessions}?

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