random obsessions: forts

{ random obsessions }

seriously, who doesn't LOVE forts...right? i can remember times as a little girl when my dad would makes these HUGE forts for my 6 siblings and i, he would use anything and everything that resembled a blanket...& boy were they amazing! this one time he made a maze-like fort that had two stories & took over the ENTIRE living room! i think mom was gone to the store during the building of that one because it was quite a serious undertaking to clean up if i recall correctly! - today my boys made this SUPER FUN fort in their room...they each have their own "inner-fort" within the fort. it is quite detailed, i think it even has a bathroom (ummm...scary!). - times like this are one of the reasons i LOVE having little kids...it just makes me feel like a kid again!

.my sweet little eddie.

here is a AWESOME { tipee fort } i found on etsy...
{ Your First Tipee - available HERE by EarthWhirled }

so whether you are 4 or 40, why not go home a make a fort tonight...you KNOW you WANT to!

:) rebecca