random obsessions: the harmonica

when i was a little girl i absolutely LOVED when my dad would pull out his harmonica! & it was even BETTER when he would put on that "neck thing" & play it while playing the banjo or guitar (i prefer the banjo). he would even bring it along on our many roadtrips across the USA>Mexico>Canada. it really is the PERFECT in-car instrument, especially if you have one of those "neck things" (which i need to get). - anyways...about a year ago i picked up a SWEET little vintage (brand-new-in-package) harmonica on Etsy & have been annoying my family ever since, yes even in the minivan! i am nowhere near as good as dad yet...but maybe someday i'll be good enough to challenge him to a "harmonica duel". - below is my attempt at playing...i dedicate this to my 13 year old sister: Susanna!

please excuse the CHEESY smile at the end...heehee!

{ Vintage Hohner International Harmonica - purchased from MamaBearsVintage }

hoped you enjoyed this random obsession....why not try YOUR mouth at a harmonica!

:) rebecca